Francis T. Maloney High School

Spartan Lab Space

The Spartan Lab Space is your place for extra help in academic subjects during your study hall. The Lab Space is in our Media Center during all periods except the period lunch takes place each day. 

To access Lab Space:

You must sign-in with your study hall teacher. They will take attendance and verify that a teacher team is available that period. 

If available, the teacher will enter you into the Lab Space attendance and give you a pass to the Media Center. 

You must bring school work and device to Lab Space and you must actively do school work while in the Lab. Teachers will be there to assist you, answer questions and provide you with a great environment to work. 

This is a work space. No food, drinks (other than water), or socializing in the lab. 

We strive to have the Lab open each period. But, the Lab may be closed on certain days due to staff availability, events in the Media Center, etc.

Stop by the Main Office with any questions!