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Good Morning Maloney High School!: Today is Thursday, January 3rd, 2019. 

Please stand for the Pledge,

The Library Media Center will be closed on Friday, January 4th after the first clock period.  It will reopen at 12:05 P.M.

Seniors, you only have until March 29 to get the 20 community service hours

required. If you seek more information, please head to guidance and ask about

community service hours.

The comic book club is planning on setting a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Tourney. Anyone is welcomed to participate in this clash of 70+ characters.

Staytune for more! The comic book club  meets on Mondays in room 174F at 2:05

p.m.  New members welcome

The Future Teachers of America Club will have brief meetings on Tuesday

January 8th and Tuesday January 15th in room 069C right after school.  I hope

members can make one of the meetings if not both.  If you can not attend either

meeting  please stop down to see me or email me by January 16th.

Our first goal is to set up PLE teaching opportunities for semester 2 at an

elementary school for those who are interested.

Our second goal will be to find fun ways to learn about careers in teaching and


Tell your friends/Bring a friend...

you may always email me at

Thanks for your interest--See you soon.

Anyone want to take college classes, but you don’t want to pay? Well Middlesex

Community college has classes at platt and they are offering completely free

tuition. It’s available to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. The classes start on

January 24th and  registration begins in early January.   If anyone has any

questions go to the College and Career center Room 119 and ask Ms. Powers

“Students needing an elevator pass will be required to give a $10 refundable

deposit upon issue of the elevator pass.”

There is a softball meeting after school this Friday at 2pm in room 219c to discuss

the pre-season conditioning program.

The Maloney wrestling team has it's  home opener tonight at 6:00 against

Plainville High School. Come out and support your classmates.

Now for the joke of the day!

Q: What did one wall say to the other wall?

A: I’ll meet you at the corner!

Signing Off - 


Thanks for watching Spartan News!! Have an AMAZING and exciting day Maloney

Congratulations Josh Medina! Josh is the winner of our second College Application Campaign Raffle, and received his prize – a $75 gift card to Target! Students have until December 15 to get their applications submitted and be eligible
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