Francis T. Maloney High School

The Hicks Prize Public Speaking and Essay Contest

May 17, 2018
7:00 PM


Please consider joining us for The Hicks Prize Public Speaking and Essay Contest. The event is being held on May 17, in the auditorium at 7pm. Below are the finalists for the essay. On the competition night, the final four speakers will deliver speeches and prizes will be awarded.  Finalists for the speaking portion are also listed below. We hope to see you there! 
Thank you!

Finalists for Essay
Elena Anetrella“Stronger than You Know”
Olivia Bischoff “Alone with Myself”
Kadee Nowicky “Mapping Through My Mind”
Bryanne Pappas “Women in Medicine”

Finalists for Speech
Demetre Carnot “Why is the Right Wrong?”
Clay Fanning “What Do You Want to Become?”
Trevor Herbst “Are Students the Problem?”
Caitlyn Mayhew “Judging My Confidence”