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World Geography Part 2

World Geography Part 2

World Geography

This one semester course is designed as a basic introduction to the Geography of the major regions of our world.  After completing a review of the fundamental principals of Geography, students will be tasked with learning the major Geographic concepts associated with the major regions of our world.  Students will also investigate issues related to the interdependency of our world and consider solutions to Global Issues they will be confronting during the 21st Century.

I      Review of Basic Geographic Principles                  (2 weeks)

II      Latin America                                          (2weeks)

III      Africa South of the Sahara                              (2weeks)

IV      The Middle East (North Africa and Southwest Asia)            (2weeks)

V      Asia                                                (3weeks)

VI      Australia, Antarctica, and Oceania                        (2weeks)

VII      Europe and Russia                                    (2weeks)

VIII      Interdependency and Global Issues in the 21st Century      (3 weeks)


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