Francis T. Maloney High School


Sociology Syllabus  --a tentative schedule

(S1) September—(S2) January

Chapter 1:      An Invitation to Sociology

Chapter 3:      Culture

Chapter 4:      Socialization     

(S1) October—(S2) February and March

Chapter 5:      Social Structure and Society

Chapter 6:      Groups and Formal Organizations

Chapter 7:      Deviance and Social Control

Chapter 8:      Social Stratification

      (S1) November—(S2) April

Chapter 11:      The Family

Chapter 12:      Education

Chapter 13:      Political and Economic Institutions

      (S1) December—(S2) May

Chapter 14:      Religion

Chapter 15:      Sport

Final Exam— (S1) January—(S2) June

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