Francis T. Maloney High School




Sponsor:  Mr. Thomas Gordon

Mr. Sorensen & Ms. Cassello co-sponsors

Click to purchase a yearbook online

*Senior Photos are due Tuesday, October 15th*

Senior Photos may be submitted in print 

(wallet size is fine, write your first and last name on back), 

on a CD to Mr. Gordon room 136 or Mr. Sorensen room 139 or 

emailed to Mr. Sorensen at

The school yearbook is an annual publication that is available for all students to purchase at the end of the school year. The book contains thousands of photographs of students including senior portraits, underclassmen pictures, clubs, sports and candid photos. The yearbook is created mostly by seniors but not limited to seniors. Any student wishing to work on the book may do so. Work is done after school, in study halls and also at home. Yearbook staff must be dedicated and make the commitment to complete all pages assigned to them.