Francis T. Maloney High School

AP Chemistry

Project Proposals

The following questions need to be submitted no later than Friday, May 11th.

1.      Project topic:

2.      How does this topic relate to chemistry?  Find (and list below) at least three connections between the topic chosen and the material covered this year.  (Hint: the Table of Contents in the front of your book will give you a great reference of topics covered.)  For your project you will need to take an in-depth look at these connections and how they help explain your topic scientifically.  After listing the minimum of three connections please give a brief explanation of how each one improves the understanding of the topic chosen. 



(Please list any other connections on a separate piece of paper.)

3.      How will the project be presented?  In addition to a 5 page research paper you will need to present your project to the class.  Do you plan on performing an experiment, demo, PowerPoint presentation, etc.?  What materials will you be using?  Do you need materials from me?  Approximately how long will it take?  Will it be done inside or outside? (There is a 10 minute presentation minimum, no maximum.)  You presentation may change from this proposal; however, initial ideas are necessary in order to prepare the end of the year schedule. 


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